What I Want

Woman Seeking MAN:

25-35. WHO IS: Firmly in himself and truly knows, if not who he is, then who he wants to be. Bright and courageous in his heart. Possesses courage enough to be vulnerable with his own feelings and state of mind, and to be humbly honest, aware, and open to realizations as they come. Able to take care of himself completely, along with his emotions. Part of a strong support network that he knows the true value of. Does not believe that a partner will complete him or that his lovability or worth depends on a partner’s acceptance. Does believe in a partnership that is based on mutual respect and trust. Sexually experienced in the art of enthusiastic and affirmative consent. Understands that words always come before actions. Does not believe that his appeal or desirability depends wholly on his physical appearance, his job, or his material possessions. Is aware of the world around him and consciously strives to widen that awareness. PASSIONATE about something that fulfills him and/or benefits others. Is open to receiving feedback and constructive criticism around his behavior. Willing to adapt, open his heart, and learn new ways of reacting and showing up in partnership. Will not try to mold his partner to fit his reality. Unafraid of confrontation for the sake of furthering and deepening emotional intimacy. Resilient, in spirit and in body. Looking for a long-term, committed, monogamous partnership that is mutually beneficial to both parties. 

Seeking WOMAN: 
26. WHO IS: Firmly in possession of herself. Knows who she is and what she wants. Has a witchy-wise woman vibe about her that he finds particularly endearing. Very good at taking care of herself and values the strong support network she has spent years building up around her. Always strives to deepen her self-knowledge and awareness, no matter the cost. Good at hearing the hard truths but terrible at being manipulated or lied to. Knows the worth and limitations of her beauty and strives daily for current self-acceptance. Willing to practice living consciously in the present. Cares deeply about the planet that she resides on and her behavior reflects that care. Sincerely kind with a strong instinct to take care of others. Seeking a true partner who will choose his desire to see her over his fears of what he may find, or how he may fall. 

Ok Universe. You heard my call. Now bring him to me.